Friday, November 30, 2007

The quiet sarcasm of Hobbes

Sometimes Hobbes is at loss of words while talking with Calvin (as Calvin says). Do you know the reason for that? Check out this strip for getting the answer. The witty and quiet sarcasm of Hobbes is too good. It also teaches us something which we can try to follow in our real life too!!!

Calvin, Hobbes & Susie

This is another classic one. Hobbes generally is very much inclined towards females and hence Susie too. This inclination towards Susie irritates Calvin to a great extent. The last cartoon block in this strip which depicts Hobbes’s smiling face can’t stop you from laughing.

How to become a millionaire - The Calvin Way

This is one of the classic Calvin strip beautifully describing Calvin's ingenuity which makes everyone speechless. Calvin tells his Dad that he want to become millionaire by the time he grows up. His dad smiles and as an ideal dad, he tells him that he would have to work pretty hard to reach that feat. But as usual Calvin comes up with a brilliant counter argument making it so witty.

Welcome to the world of Calvin and Hobbes

This blog is purely dedicated to my favourite cartoon characters - Calvin and his stuffed tiger Hobbes. If you dont know enough about Calvin and Hobbes, let me give you a brief introduction about them and their world:-

Calvin – Well no introduction needed for those who know and love him. If you are not in that league, here is a brief character sketch of him. Calvin is a hyeractive 6 year old kid. He is very smart, very imaginative to us but in his world he is considered a weird, stupid, crazy boy. Calvin has no friends, except his stuffed tiger “Hobbes” (we’ll talk about him later). Calvin has dreams, fantasies and a very vivid imagination. He is a great philosopher and posses great wisdom though it is rarely used. Calvin loves to be defiant.

Hobbes – Calvin’s stuffed tiger which miraculously comes to life when no one is around. Calvin spent major part of his time with hobbes. He is Calvin’s best and only friend. They share ideas, they fight, and they laugh together. To the whole world, he is a just a stuffed toy but in reality, Calvin is incomplete without him. Both complement each other. Though we may call the living Hobbes as a figment of Calvin's imagination but Hobbes depicts the sensible side of Calvin. Again this shows that calvin shows his sensible side only when he is alone.

Susie – Calvin’s classmate, neighbour and arch-rival. She is one person whom Calvin loves to hate. Susie is a good girl and a brilliant student. She is very neat, does all her work properly and is an ideal child. All her qualities are exactly contrary to Calvin and this makes them poles apart. Infact she is the reason for Calvin to found the club “G.R.O.S.S” which stands for “Get Rid Of Slimy Girls”.

There are more characters in Calvin’s life – his Mom, Dad, Teacher. We will talk about them soon.