Sunday, December 20, 2015

Calvin and Chewing Gum

Calvin loves to chew gum. He not only loves to chew them but also loves to read about them. He gets a monthly magazine on chewing gum. (Only Calvin can get that :D ).

Here are three strips which refer chewing gums and their magazines...

The last strip was published on Dec 22, 1995, few days before the Calvin and Hobbes strip ended. In this strip, it looks like that Bill Watterson is making a reference to the fact that while he loves to draw cartoons and enjoys drawing the strip, it requires a different level of effort, thinking and perseverance to maintain high level of standards that the strip has achieved to this date. Over time, it is becoming increasingly difficult for him to sustain such high standards diminishing his level of enjoyment while drawing these strips. Ultimately the curtains came down on the strip about a week later.

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